Tips for Purchasing Leather Furniture

Posted by American Home on May 18 2014

Leather furniture provides a type of comfort that no other furniture can match. It comes with its own fragrance that fills a room and makes your entire home feel new and inviting. However, not all lea … read more

Exclusive Southwest Pottery

Posted by American Home on May 12 2014

You don’t need to be a connoisseur of southwestern art to appreciate the vibrant colors and symbolic designs on the handcrafted pottery of Albuquerque and the entire Southwest. The color palette … read more

One Sofa Three Styles

Posted by American Home on May 11 2014

Click on the image and visit our friends at KASA and we will show you how to achieve three varied styles using the same centerpiece furniture. This illustrates how being creative with accents … read more

​Furniture and Fur: Decorating with Pets in Mind

Posted by American Home on Mar 27 2014

As great as it is to have one or more furry companions in the house, having pets can also pose special challenges when it comes to home decor. Many furnishings that otherwise look great will quickly g … read more