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Tips to Combining an Office and Guest Room

Posted by American Home on Nov 22 2017

Unless you have plenty of extra space, or have overnight guests frequently, it’s a good idea to make a guest room work as an office too. Having a multi-use room isn’t about stuffing two rooms in … read more

Brighten Up Your Home For Winter

Posted by American Home on Nov 15 2017

Shorter winter days can feel a little dark and gloomy, but there’s ways to brighten up your space and make your home the ultimate comfort zone at the same time. You may not be able to change the … read more

Thanksgiving Quick Tips

Posted by American Home on Nov 07 2017

It's here again! We've got you covered. Thanksgiving is all about entertaining and spending time with friends and family. We know you've got the Fall wreath and perfect meal planned, but what ab … read more

How to Decorate With Black

Posted by American Home on Oct 30 2017

Black is the new black. A survey by Sherwin-Williams recently found that 41% of millennials chose black as their favorite color. Although black can sometimes be a little intense, if done right i … read more

Return of the Dining Room

Posted by American Home on Oct 24 2017

Thankfully we’re heading back to the dinner table. One of the best trends right now is creating a gorgeous space set aside to enjoy food, family and friends. We’re all about foodie get togethers … read more