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Dining Trends

Posted by American Home on Sep 21 2017

Dining rooms don’t have to be super formal in order to be lovely and inviting places for you to share special occasions. Holidays are coming up and you’re about to spend a lot of important time in … read more

​ Small Decor Tips to Get Your House Fall Ready

Posted by American Home on Sep 15 2017

Time to cozy up and embrace everything pumpkin spice. We know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to redecorate my entire house for Fall...” But there are plenty of ways to incorporate coz … read more

Magazines Vs. Your Home Design

Posted by American Home on Sep 06 2017

Reality at it’s finest. There is a lifestyle conspiracy happening on social media right now and it looks a lot like that photo. Posts after posts show this style/look/vibe that feels so simple a … read more

Southwestern Fall Patios

Posted by American Home on Aug 23 2017

New Mexico is known for having the best year-round weather in the USA. There's nothing better than dining outdoors in the Southwest. Most places around the country have a small window of summer days i … read more

Having Trouble Finding JUST the Right Sofa?

Posted by American Home on Aug 09 2017

In the sofa business, there is one major truth: It is pretty hard to find one sofa that works for everyone. Just watch a home improvement or makeover show with a friend or family member and see ho … read more