Boho Chic - Inspiration

Posted by American Home on Jul 20 2016

How to add Bohemian Chic style to your home:

Bohemian Chic is the hot new home decor look, it features creative patterns and vibrant colors. Creating a stylish Bohemian Chic living room means a little bit eclectic and a little bit modern. It’s a throw back to the hippie era, mixed with a little bit of world traveler, creating a warm, unique, make your self comfortable vibe. If you’re an artistic type who enjoys reinventing your style, then this look might be just for you! It’s a great choice for those who like to mix it up a bit with colors and textures without paying attention to style rules or trends.
When furnishing, look for pieces that possess ethnic vibes, Bohemian style typically resembles Eastern interiors such as Moroccan, so you can enjoy bright colors and patterns. The Bohemian Chic look concerns itself more with having a good time than it does with being ‘finished’. The right amount of rugged and unfinished furniture transforms the room into a comfortable nesting spot. Boho Chic loves textile, wood, and metallic accents; it’s a casual yet elegant look, eclectic, open and airy feel.
But how do you create this effortless, but not cluttered look? Below are a few decor tips, but the real beauty of Bohemian Chic is that there are no rules. It’s whatever feels fun, interesting and effortless!

Throw in as many textures as possible into a room. Try mixing a variety of materials together such as wood, various fabrics and leather. Mix metals next to linen, next to wood, next to glass and plants. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Light reflects differently off different materials and with more textures in a room, you add a depth to the overall look that allows it to stay casual.

Add low level seating. Whether it’s a low bench with pillows or a collection of floor poufs, low level seating creates a warm and inviting feel. Replace side tables with poufs or fill a corner with colorful pillows to create this peaceful and relaxing aura.

Layer rugs. We layer pillows on beds and sofas, so why not layer rugs? Layer colorful rugs on top of the other in playful, unexpected ways to add warmth and a laid back look to any room.

Don’t be afraid of color. It’s vibrant, unexpected and soothing at the same time. Stripes and geometric patterns are taking over where floral textiles used to be. Throw in a dozen pillows or so to Boho up a living room, and don’t forget to mix those red and pink stripes! Paint an accent wall Turquoise to enhance all those colors without making the room too dark.

Use indoor plants. Plants add color and a vibrant feel to any home, go beyond the typical flowers in a vase by placing greenery in terrariums alongside as many plants as possible.

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3. Poufs
4. Mini candle votives, 22” candle holders, 16” Ganesh (Tabletop Accents)
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