Dining Trends

Posted by American Home on Sep 21 2017

Dining rooms don’t have to be super formal in order to be lovely and inviting places for you to share special occasions. Holidays are coming up and you’re about to spend a lot of important time in your dining room. Do you ever stare in envy at the flawless homes on Pinterest? We do! The degree of planning that actually goes into decorating these perfect rooms is mind-blowing. It’s always the ones that appear simple enough to re-create that are actually the hardest. That’s why we love the mismatched chair trend so much. It’s a perfect solution for those of us who have a serious chair fetish. If you like contemporary style, you'll love incorporating the latest decor trends into the room. Dining rooms and formal living rooms have become much more relaxed, multi-purpose rooms. As the demand for contemporary styles increases, so does the demand for unusual dining table styles. Mismatched dining chairs bring character and interest to any space. It’s a simple way of adding color to your dining room without spending a ton of money on styling.

Dining Trends:

Modern Farmhouse: Modern Farmhouse is a trend that is going no where especially if it’s actually in a country setting. A rustic and interesting dining room table can set the stage for a gorgeous table-scape. One of the beauties of rustic dining room tables is that they are easy to make work in either causal or formal settings. It all depends on the other elements you add to the room, and one of the most important elements are the chairs you use alongside your table. Try pairing modern molded chairs with a rustic table, it’s visually interesting, and makes for a comfortable and casual feel. The key to getting this look is to mix your materials.

Chairs and benches: No matter the style, a dining set can feel more modern with the combination of both chairs and benches. Contemporary and rustic dining tables are so easy to dress up or down by the choice of chairs. Pair a rustic table with more formal chairs help to dress up the space and bring a more refined, formal feel to the room.

Settees can feel modern or traditional, depending on their details. The combination of a bench with chairs brings a lot of interest to your kitchen and dining room. Whether you choose a farmhouse look, a picnic style or upholster a single bench mixed with a cluster of chairs, you’ll create an appealing, comfortable and serviceable style. And if your bench is hinged, it will also provide additional storage space.

Upholstery: High contrast dining sets are one of the hottest trends in dining furniture. Dark rustic tables and light upholstered chairs go together beautifully, and make the entire room feel warm and inviting. Shop for cream linen or tufted chairs which will give you the look while adding texture.

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