Let's Talk Rugs

Posted by American Home on Oct 13 2016

Rugs are such an anchor element in rooms, they have a leading role in creating aesthetic comfort. People don't tend to change rugs very often. Think about all the trouble it would be to roll up a large rug and store it seasonally, it's not realistic. Lately, more and more rugs draw the attention as an artistic picture or valuable piece of art. In the past two years, faded, antique Persian-style rugs have taken over. It's not a new trend by any means, but the use of these traditional rugs in modern design is rather new. They are made from precious, natural materials and each rug tells a story: cultural symbols, animals, flowers and events told in color. They work in any space really. Traditional, transitional, modern, minimalist...you name it. They work so well because they add soft pattern and color without being graphic.

American Home has the best and largest selection of hand made wool rugs in New Mexico. We travel directly to the countries of origin; India, Turkey, Iran, China, and Mexico to get our rugs. In today's world of machine made and instant gratification, these rugs bring us back to a simpler time, they must be made by hand by an artisan/craftsmen, through years of training. A 9x12 foot hand knotted wool rug can take 18 months to weave, allowing a weaver to weave only 1 inch of the rug in a full day.

We carry every kind of rug from a flat-woven kilim, handwoven shag and silk rugs to more budget friendly, easy clean designs, and 4ft round all the way to 12x18ft. With over $5,000,000 in rug inventory, we proudly present our assortment at the best prices to anyone in the country.

Whether you're needing that last touch to tie together your color palette, a great pattern to bring the right ambiance or simply to protect your hardwood floors from daily traffic, a well chosen rug can do so much for any space. We’ve rounded up our top favorite rugs for you and they suit designs that are modern, traditional, transitional and everything in between. Shop with confidence, these rugs are good investments, classic, beautiful and safe. When we think of timeless, we feel pretty confident in saying that all of these rugs are timeless. Some of them are popular now, but they are safe choices that will not have to be replaced.

Decorating with rugs:

1. Start with a rug you love, and build the room around it. Rugs can inspire a color palette and set the mood or style of a space. Geometrics don't seem to be going anywhere and they are an easy addition to a room. They add pattern, but usually in a very simple form.

2. You can't go wrong with neutrals. Colors go in and out of style, but grey, white, cream, oatmeal, black, and blues are always in. If you don't want to go too bold, pick a pattern in a softer grey, instead of a black.

3. Timeless rugs are more expensive, but you'll have them forever. Classic is always timeless; Persians, Moroccan motifs, stripes, plaids, and simple patterns. High quality is always timeless - really well made rugs out of quality wool will always be in fashion. Acrylic and polyester can be a good option, but they don't wear as well as wool, and if they are really cheap, they look it.

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