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England Furniture has a large focus on quality, including everything from the frame and cushion construction to its choice of fabrics, which include stain resistant Revolution Fabrics. All built in American factories, England is know for their ability to build impeccable furniture and have it ready for delivery to your home in 30 days or less!



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Choose between the standard comfort of Solid Foam Cushions or upgrade to Coil Enhanced Foam Cushions for a firmer, long lasting support.

Choose between the standard Loop Spring Foundation to the Coil Supported Spring Foundation for the utmost in supportiveness.


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Frames - It's What's Inside That Counts

England frames are constructed of 3/4" and 7/8" pine and hardwood plywood. All frames are precision cut using automated computerized routers. This allows joints with exact tolerances. England reinforces its product with hardwood.

Other manufacturers use 5/8" construction grade oriented strand board, which is significantly less expensive and less durable than England framing specifications.

England frames are so durable that we back up their product with a lifetime frame warranty.

England puts more springs in its frames than many other brands. While some manufacturers use webbing for back support, England utilizes springs to provide additional comfort and durability.

All these features ensure that England product is durable enough to survive your family.





1. Construction of 3/4" or 7/8" furniture grade plywood

2. Precision cut, fully interlocked frame with guide notches for accurate assembly

3. Perpendicular joints notched for increased overall frame strength

4. Frames reinforced with hardwood on stress points

5. Back springs to provide extra support for additional comfort

6. Spring spacing set closer together - ends double sprung for added durability

1. 5/8" construction grade oriented strand board

2. Manually cut components without guide notches leaving room for assembly error

3. Joints butted together compromise frame construction

4. Limited hardwood reinforcement

5. Webbing straps offering limited flexibility and comfort

6. Springs spaced father apart - ends not double sprung





Cushions - It's What's Inside That Counts

Cushion performance will determine the effective life of your sofa, loveseat, chair or sectional. Your seat cushion is one of the most important components of your upholstery. This is why England backs up its product with a 10 year cushion warranty. They can do this because their cushions are made of high density foam with very limited use of polyester fiber.


England's loose cushion styles are fully reversible with the exception of leather and vinyl. Many manufacturers cut costs by making one-sided cushions. The ability to rotate your cushions will extend its useful life and help reduce the appearance of wear on the cushion casings.


England has also added vents to its cushion casings to allow the cushion to "breathe". This feature helps your cushion compress and expand with daily use.

Cushion vents, self healing zippers, reversible cushion casings and extensive use of foam all help ensure your England cushions will last for many, many years.


Other manufacturers glue generous amounts of polyester fiber to their cushion cores. This type of construction is cost effective and creates a comfortable seating alternative. Unfortunately, over time, polyester fiber loses loft and cushions with this type of construction tend to "go flat". This not only undermines the aesthetics of your upholstery but it changes the comfort level of the seating.


These manufacturers also limit warranties on non-reversible cushions because they cannot be rotated, an essential practice for maximizing the life of the cushion. Make sure not to spill anything on this cushion because it has only one face!







1. Cushion vents

2. Fully reversible cushions

3. Self healing zippers

4. Limited use of polyester fiber

1. No cushion vents

2. Non-reversible cushions

3. Standard zippers

4. Extensive use of polyester fiber, causing cushions to break down more easily