Graham Candlestick Phone

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Graham Candlestick Phone

Graham Candlestick Phone

Capture the timeless look of century old technology with the Graham Candlestick Phone. This classic phone is based off of the original design with its vintage bell-shaped receiver and modern push-button dial with metal finger stop that mimics the look and feel of a classic rotary dial. A cloth covered cord connects the receiver to the base of this phone allowing you to simply pick up the receiver, punch in a number and carry a conversation by talking through the mouthpiece mounted atop the base.


6.75"W x 5.5"D x 11.5"H

Material Details

- Bell-shaped receiver
- Push button dial
- Rotary fashion dial
- Cloth wrapped cord
- Tone/Pulse Switch
- Ringer volume On/Off switch
- Earpiece volume control

1 year limited warranty.