Revolution Performance Fabrics


Take all of the worry out of your furniture!

No Stain Worry - Olefin Fibers repel stains and leave you with a virtually unstainable way to enjoy those light-colored fabrics without worry.
No Cleaning Worry - Clean with almost any household cleaner, even pure bleach! Most stains, however, just need to be blotted and cleaned with water.
No Chemical Coating - You don't have to worry about children and pets being exposed to harsh chemicals. The naturally stain repellent nature of the materials do all the work.
Eco-Friendly Production - Made with upcycled materials. The Olefin is dyed without the use of water, meaning no water and no land is necessary for it's production.
Solution-Dyed Fabrics - Instead of printing patterns onto the fabric once made, the fibers themselves are dyed before being woven, making the patterns stay vibrant and bold without the worry of fading.
USA Sourced and Made - The material that goes into the fibers is sourced domestically and both the thread that goes into it and the fabric itself are produced right here in the Good Ol' US of A.
Soft-To-The-Touch - Durability does not mean sacrificing style or comfort. These fabrics are soft to the touch, not 'plasticy', with textures and vibrant patterns you'll be excited to curl up with every day.


Take a look at what Revolution Performance Fabrics® can do:

Revolution Performance Fabrics® are available at American Home as part of the special order programs of these brands:


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Here is just a small selection of the furniture that is available with this revolutionary product.