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American Home Sustainability

American Home is dedicated to keeping New Mexico beautiful and our sustainability efforts in our community are growing. As our company trends toward a carbon-neutral footprint, we will highlight some of our more important milestones here. We are stronger together!

AH Mattress Recycling

American Home is excited to announce that we are the first and only mattress retailer in New Mexico to recycle and upcycle 100% of all mattresses we haul away from our guest's homes.

We've partnered with Spring Back Mattress Recycling, a non-profit social enterprise focused on People, Planet, and Purpose to ensure our mattresses don’t end up in New Mexico landfills. Did you know that over 30 million mattresses end up in U.S. landfills a year? In partnership with Spring Back Colorado Recycling, the recycling process breaks down 90% of each mattress into its Individual components, steel, foam, cotton, wood, and 100% of each foundation.

Some select mattresses are upcycled and donated to our community through Beds4Kidz, Heading Home, New Day Youth and Family Services, Saranam, and other organizations.


Visit our Mattress Center and meet your new mattress to take part in this program.

We seek out partners that share our vision of corporate responsibility towards the environment and the community. Tempur-Sealy International is one of those partners. has made significant progress towards its ESG initiatives, including the following highlights:

• Established the goal of achieving carbon neutrality for our global wholly-owned operations by 2040
• Achieved a 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per unit produced at our wholly-owned manufacturing and logistics operations compared to prior year
Improved the percent of waste recycled from our North American wholly-owned manufacturing operations to 91% in 2020, compared to 85% in 2019
Established ESG as a metric in executive leadership's compensation beginning in 2021
Contributed over $100 million in product, stock and cash to charity organizations since 2010
Increased the wages of U.S. salaried employees at our wholly-owned operations by 4% and expanded global employee headcount by 21% in 2020

Visit our Sealy Mattress page and for our full line of Sealy mattressess.