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No More Shopper Shadows

We want to make sure that you have the best shopping experience every time you walk into an American Home Furniture and Mattress store and that you feel comfortable, welcome and inspired. We've heard you and have made changes in the way we do things around our stores. Our knowledgeable salespeople loved to be present at the doors as soon as you arrived, eager to show you the way or guide you to anything you may have been looking for. Unfortunately, we've heard that some thought that was not how they wanted to be helped.

That is why we have changed our ways. When you walk into every one of our stores you will find the same helpful and friendly salespeople who are now waiting throughout the store, instead of by the doors. Want to look around on your own and let your own imagination be your guide? You are free to do so! If you need a little extra guidance or assistance at any point just walk up to any salesperson and they will be there, waiting in the wings, eager to provide their expertise when you are ready.