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Revamp Your Dining Space

Hey there, fellow home-décor enthusiast! There's nothing quite like reimagining and revamping your home spaces to bring a refreshing wave of energy into your daily life, is there? Today, we're going to chat about a very special corner of your abode, your dining space. This is where you host your friends for fun dinner parties or enjoy your morning coffee in quiet solitude. Now, imagine if we could make this space even more amazing - exciting, right?

American Home Furniture and Mattress is ready go step-by-step through the things you need to consider. And don't worry! I'll be right here guiding you through every detail, making the process feel like a breeze.

The Star of the Show - Your Dining Table

Undeniably, the dining table is the heart of your dining space. Choosing the right one makes all the difference in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here are a few things you should consider:

  1. Dimensions Make a Difference: Be sure to consider the size of the room before selecting a table. If you have a small dining room, a massive table might make the space seem cramped. Likewise, a tiny table in a large room may look out of place.
  2. Shape Shift: Round, square, rectangle, oval? The shape of your table should not only depend on your personal style but also the layout of the room. Round tables tend to work well in smaller spaces, while rectangular tables are great for longer, narrow rooms.
  3. Material World: What should your table be made of? Glass, marble, solid wood, veneered? Each material lends a different feel to the room. While a glass top can add a modern touch, a solid wood table often gives a more rustic or traditional vibe.

You can start the process of picking out a table to build your dining room style with these tips. To help give you a jump start, you can start with the Dining Sets that we carry!

Measuring Up Your Space

You've probably heard it a million times but here it is once again - measure, measure, measure! It's important to consider not just the size of your table, but the size of the room and its layout as well.

  1. Table Size: The size of the table should be proportional to the room. As a rule of thumb, try to leave around 36 inches between the edge of your table and the wall or other furniture. This allows enough room for people to comfortably move around the table.
  2. Seating Space: Consider the size of the chairs and the legroom as well. A distance of 12 inches from the seat of the chair to the tabletop is generally comfortable for most. And leave about 24 inches of space per person for elbow room.
  3. Traffic Flow: Allow at least 48 inches of space for entry and exit routes. You don't want your guests feeling trapped during your next dinner party, do you?

Other Elements to Consider

While the dining table is the superstar, let's not forget the supporting cast that enhances the beauty and functionality of your dining space.

  1. Lighting: A well-placed chandelier or pendant can work wonders in accentuating your dining table. Remember to adjust the height so that it illuminates the table surface effectively without being too glaring.

                Tip: Whether you have the ability to add a chandelier or can only use floor lamps to help brighten up the place. We might have what you need! Check out our lighting options!

  1. Rug: A rug can add a pop of color and bring in a cozy feel. Choose a rug that's larger than your table and chairs to make sure the chairs still sit on the rug when pulled out.

                Tip: Need some more help on picking out a perfect rug and what is needed? In Unrolling the Magic of Rugs that is the perfect starting point!

  1. Artwork: Wall art can set the mood for your dining space. Choose something that reflects your personal style and matches the overall theme of the room.

                Tip: We always have such a wide variety of artwork on display in-store, but also be sure to check out our Wall Décor and Art!

And there you have it, friends! Revamping your dining space is not a daunting task after all. With the right planning and a dash of creativity, you can transform your dining room into a delightful space that echoes your personality and style. Remember, your home should reflect you and your lifestyle. So go ahead and infuse your dining space with the touch of your unique flair.

Until next time, 

American Home Furniture and Mattress