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Styling Your Home for Fall: The Often-Overlooked Beauties

Hey there, lovely readers!

The leaves are turning hues of amber and scarlet, there's a crispness in the air, and our cozy blankets are beckoning. Yes, fall is upon us! 🍂 As we switch out our summer clothes for those snug sweaters and bring out the pumpkin spice lattes, why not give our homes a little fall-themed TLC? Today, let's chat about how you can style your home for this season, and American Home Furniture and Mattress will let you in on some often-overlooked items that can make your space radiate autumn warmth.

  1. Layered Textures

Colors are typically the first thing we think of when we think of fall decor, but textures can play an equally significant role. Consider soft knit throw blankets, nubby burlap table runners, and even velvet cushions. Rugs can also be the “IT” item to help layer up any room for the fuzzy, shaggy, or soft comforts you seek. The key is not to only look cozy, but to feel cozy too. Layer ‘em up for maximum snug vibes!

                Tip: Sometimes purchasing rugs can be a little intimidating, but don’t fret we have you covered. For some guidance on selecting the perfect rug take a look at our “Unrolling the Magic of Rugs” post.

  1. Natural Elements

Pinecones: These little guys are often overlooked but are like gold in the fall decor world. Scatter them on tables, fill up clear vases, or create DIY wreaths. Their natural texture and earthy tones scream fall. Plus, they're usually free if you have a nearby park!

Dried Flowers: Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean flowers have to disappear from your home. Dried flowers, like lavender or eucalyptus, can add subtle colors and a delightful aroma to your living spaces.

Ristras: A New Mexican Favorite. With Chile season in full action a ristras is the perfect fall décor. Wonderful for adding some pops of red and orange. Ristras can be either hung inside (recommend if using for cooking) or outside. Just remember to hang it in a place with good air flow and where it won’t get wet. Then you’ll have a beautiful and delicious piece of decor for the next years to come.

  1. Unexpected Color Combos

While oranges, reds, and browns are staples for fall, why not experiment a little? Deep greens, purples, or even muted blues can give an unexpected but sophisticated twist to your fall palette. Combine these with the traditional colors for a unique pop!

                Tip: The perfect starting place would be with throw blankets or pillows. You don’t need to make big changes, sometimes the littlest change makes it even more prominent. Consistency is key when adding and playing with color.

  1. Vintage Items

You know that old typewriter collecting dust in the attic or those rustic wooden crates in your garage? Bring them out! Vintage items add character and tell a story. They're an unexpected but charming addition to fall decor. And hey, it's sustainable decor – reduce, reuse, and upcycle!

  1. Scented Delights

We often overlook our sense of smell when decorating. Yet isn’t the aroma of cinnamon and apples a huge part of what we love about fall? Invest in some scented candles, essential oils, or even simmer pots to fill your home with those beloved autumnal scents.

  1. Lighting Matters

As always, the ambiance inside matters even more, during the cold seasons coming up. Lighting is typically the last thing on people’s minds when decorating, but it should be more heavily thought about. Sometimes it is the thing to make-or-break the aesthetic in a room. When you think of fall, it’s gloomy, cold, or even gothic. So maybe give some thoughts to adding fairy lights draped around your bedroom, lanterns on your patio, a new chandelier (if you wanna go all out), or even an updated lampshade. Any of these and more can create that warm, cozy glow we all crave during fall evenings.

So, there we have it! Some tried and true fall styling tips and a few often-overlooked gems. Remember, the key is to think outside the pumpkin (though, let's admit it, pumpkins are adorable) and find what resonates with you. Here’s to a beautiful, cozy autumn in your home! 🍁🏡

Creating Cozy Corners and Dreamy Nights. Till Next Time,