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Securing Your Furniture’s Future with American Home Furniture and Mattress

Hello, dear readers! We know that furnishing your home is an investment in both comfort and style, and at American Home Furniture and Mattress, we want to help you protect that investment. Our Benefit Program aka Furniture Care Protection Plan (FCP), provides peace of mind to our customers, covering a range of potential furniture damage(s).

What is the Benefit Program or Furniture Care Protection Plan (FCP)?

Our Benefit Program (FCP) offers extensive coverage for a nominal additional charge. The Benefit Program (FCP) covers accidental damage, such as nicks, scratches, rips, or stains and damage to component parts for up to four years. If you do not file a claim during the four-year coverage period, we provide an American Home gift card, redeemable at your leisure, for the amount you paid for the Benefit Program.

Understanding the Coverage

The Benefit Program (FCP) is designed to cover common issues like frame problems, mechanical issues, and accidental damage, such as fabric rips or tears, and stains. The only items excluded are mattresses, lamps, home décor items, and rugs.

How the Benefit Program Works

Filing a claim under the Benefit Program (FCP) is straightforward. Here are the steps!

  1. Making a Claim: You can file a claim online or with a customer service representative at 505.761.3202.
  2. Photos: After filing, you will receive a text message from your coordinator asking you to provide photos of the damage, and your service order number.

Tip: The Photos needed will be, a photo of the damaged areas up close, a full unit photo, and any other photos that you think would be able to help our technicians.

  1. Repair: Once we assess the situation, we will schedule a technician to inspect the item and advise on necessary parts or cleaning options. If parts are needed, they are ordered and then used for either an in-home or shop repair, depending on the extent of damage. If we are unable to attain the parts or the damage cannot be repaired, you will receive a one-time replacement of the item. If the item is no longer available, you will receive credit towards a replacement in the amount of the item’s original purchase price.

Limitations and Considerations

While our Benefit Program (FCP) is comprehensive, it does not cover pet damage like scratching or chewing, and it also does not offer routine cleaning. It is important to report any damage within five days and avoid any self-repair attempts, as this will the protection plan. Accumulation of soiling is not covered by the Benefit Program.

Why Choose Our Benefit Program

Our Benefit Program (FCP) stands out among competitors for its extensive coverage. Even clearance items are covered under the Benefit Program, ensuring that every purchase you make is protected.

Investing in American Home Furniture and Mattress' Benefit Program Aka Furniture Care Protection Plan (FCP) means investing in the longevity of your furniture and peace of mind. With our comprehensive coverage, accessible claims process, and unique benefits, you can relax, knowing that your furniture’s future is secure.

Interested in learning more about our Benefit Program (FCP)? Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today or explore the plan further on our website. Secure your furniture's future with American Home Furniture and Mattress